Grown Up Purchases – Rug Pads

Rug pads are one of those things no one wants to buy. You just got this new and exciting rug. You likely spent your entire rug budget (or more, these things aren’t cheap!) on this beautiful carpet before running home to roll it out. It looks perfect! Then you try walking on it.

If you’re me, it takes months to get around to getting a rug pad. Numerous badgering comments from friends and even a few “add to cart’s” before I’ll actually buy it. Even then, I usually get an inexpensive version which works marginally, at best.

Then, I bought a beautiful Kashmiri rug while in India back in February. It is a gorgeous grey/blue and is one of a kind (getting it home is a whole other post). I originally thought I wanted a traditional wool dhurrie, but seeing the nice handwoven carpets in person changed my mind. I went with a wool & silk blend (still gorgeous & semi-shiny, but more durable that all silk). My aversion to spending money on rug pads has now changed. I think it must be a sign of growing up? rug pad3 rug pad4

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Mango Margarita Tango

For Chris’ birthday we had a few friends over and started off pool season on Linton. It was a little chilly for me, but it was so nice to FINALLY start using our main attraction! Ever since we went to Mexico last month, I have been on a mango kick. I can’t get enough!

I blended up some mango and original frozen margaritas to enjoy out by the pool. My favorite margaritas are fresh ones, which meant lots of limes to juice! PSA: If you’re juicing limes and going out in the sun, always wash your hands thoroughly to avoid phytophotodermatitis. Also known as a bear attack if you wipe your lime-y hand on your knee and then lay out This happened pre-social media; otherwise, I’d love to show you a picture of my dear Courtney’s bruise like markings that looked liked a bear claw.

The ingredients are simple:mango margaritas_ingredients2

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Linking with Extra Petite

Jean from Extra Petite is a bubbly, fun, yet still practical blogger. She has a corporate day job, so she is great at showing her readers how to cultivate a polished but still fun wardrobe. I love her taste and its a plus that she has an eye for finding wears that suite those with smaller frames!

In January, Jean posted a question asking her readers about their wedding dress. I had a great experience in finding the perfect dress for my wedding day in Hawaii so I shared a little bit about my hunt and tailoring. I sort of forgot about it as things got busy at work. Today, I woke up to a fabulous surprise! Continue Reading →

Holy Week

He gave the power to become children of God to all who believe his name (John 1:12)

This Saturday, Kendra will be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church. This seven month journey has been remarkable to watch her studying the scripture each week as He prepares her heart. Until now, I’ve had the privilege of walking in faith with Kendra since very early on in our friendship. I am so proud of her for making such a careful and personal decision. Close family and friends will celebrate Kendra’s final hours as a catechumen just before she proclaims her faith and becomes a child of God during the Easter Vigil.

One of my favorite songs, “Mighty to Save” by Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding really resonates as I listen to the lyrics. As you reflect on the paschal mystery this week, I encourage you to be still and intentional to give Him the glory this Holy time.